Running vs Walking: Which is best for you?

Hii guys today in this article we will discuss running vs walking which is best for you?

we all know that running is an excellent aerobic exercise. But many people do not like to run because it’s very difficult for them due to lack of stamina, breathing problems, etc so today we will talk about whether you should run or walk. We all want to know how many calories are burned by jogging to be able to make a well-planned diet chart.

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whereas walking is a low-impact exercise, meaning it’s easier on your joints and feet. however, running requires good physical condition because you have to hold the whole weight of your body in order to maintain balance when you run.

while walking can be less strenuous but jogging can be a more intense cardio workout.

you know as well as I do that jogging is the most popular way of exercising to lose weight, burn fat and get fit quickly.

so which activity is better for you? walking or running.

both activities have their own benefits and drawbacks so let’s discuss some differences between walking and running.

walking is one of the easiest ways of exercising to lose weight. this is because you are moving your whole body, unlike jogging where only your feet are actively working. so all other parts of your body get exercised too while walking.

you burn more calories by jogging than by walking but it also depends on how fast or slow you are walking or jogging, for example, if you are running on the treadmill at 6 mph then it will be easier for you to run than walk.

Walking at a fast pace

walking at a fast pace can help in burning more calories in less time as compared to jogging at a slow pace. however, when it comes to losing weight, what matters is the total number of calories burned rather than how much time it takes to burn them. yes, you read that right! the best way to lose weight is by eating healthy food and exercising daily until your body gets used to it so that your calorie intake automatically reduces.

so if my goal is losing weight then should I always go walking instead of jogging?

NO! NO!! NO!!! although walking is an excellent workout for your body it is not as intense as jogging.

low impact exercises are easier on the joints, that’s why people with knee or ankle problems are advised to go for low-impact activities like walking. also, if you are overweight then it will be harder for you to run at first but eventually, you will lose weight by running.

if I’m already fit and have no health issues then should I always prefer jogging to walking?

NO again! NO again!! NO again!!! hahahaha 😀

Do you see what I mean? so let me try to explain this in simple words if your goal is losing weight then what matters is how many total calories you burn rather than how much time it takes to burn them and your weight is already good, you don’t have any health issues, and want to do more intense exercises then jogging will be the best option for you. however, if you are just trying to keep yourself healthy by exercising daily then it’s better to start with low-impact workouts like walking because it puts less strain on your body as compared to jogging.

What if you can’t decide which one is the best for

If you can’t decide which one is the best for you so let me help by telling you a little secret. try both activities, go running one day and walk another day until they become a part of your daily routine so that eventually the choice becomes easy for you but always remember that there is no hard and fast rule about what is better for losing weight or getting fit quickly.

Best part of this Article

So now that you know how to lose weight by walking and running, let me tell you what the best part of this article is. you don’t have to go anywhere or buy any expensive equipment to lose those extra pounds, all you have to do is go outside right now and start walking or jogging because it doesn’t require anything except your determination!

that’s why I wanted to make this post, I hope it helped some of my readers who are looking for an easy way of losing weight without spending much on costly gym memberships or equipment.

I’d love it if you could share your personal thoughts about this article in the comments below. also please feel free to ask me questions related to calories burned while walking vs jogging.

have a good day and stay healthy!

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