How to Make your fitness goals?

Hii guys today in this article I have discussed How to Make your fitness goals? this is a very big question for all fitness lovers and they want to know it so I have posted it here I hope you guys like it

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Everyone wants to get fit but how to reach fitness goals? How can you get there? How much time do I need for this? How many exercises should I do each day and how often should I take a break? How many calories need to burn to get fit and what types of foods should we eat?

First of all, we have to go back to the basics: 

#1 – We all want different things

Being healthy is everyone’s goal but not really knowing if we are actually healthy or not makes people see others as healthy even though they aren’t. What does it take to be healthy though? Well, there is no one answer for this question because everyone has their own definition of health. But still, out of those few hundred definitions on health, there is one common answer: How do you feel?

Do you wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to go out into the world or do you drag yourself out of bed with all your muscles hurting? How do you feel after eating? How about after a workout? How long does it take for your body to recover from illness, stress, overtraining, etc…? How fast can you run (not walk) up to two flights of stairs without being tired? These are what to focus on when trying to improve health.

#2 – Be Patient!

It takes time for anything good to happen so why would something as great as being fit happen overnight? This isn’t an overnight process folk! Being healthy takes months even years depending on how you ate and trained before. You can’t expect your blood pressure to be back at healthy levels after eating junk food daily for a few weeks, it just won’t happen!

#3 – Set goals, not limits.

How do you know what you want if it is never said? How do you know when you reach your goal without having a goal in the first place? If your goals are too far from reality then how will you ever reach them? How will anyone know that they have achieved their goals unless those goals were realistic? How would someone even tell they’re on track to reaching a goal if there was only one way to get there without any alternative trails along the way? They won’t. Which means that they most likely won’t get there. How will you know if you’re healthy without having a goal to be healthy first? I hope this makes sense…

However, a majority of people fail in accomplishing their goals by giving up after just a few weeks or months.   

So if you’re determined to start your new program but have no idea where to begin, read on for some great advice!

Switch things up a little bit. Instead of doing the same exercises every time,

         If you’ve been exercising regularly or running before, it might be time to switch things up a little bit. Instead of doing the same exercises every time, add variety to your workout routines. This can help prevent plateaus from occurring since your body won’t grow accustomed to the activity. In addition, varying workouts will make sure that different parts of your muscles are being targeted, allowing for them all to be strengthened.       

If you are trying to lose weight

    If you are trying to lose weight, take in fewer calories than you burn every day. The average person needs about 2,000 calories each day to maintain his or her current weight. For example, if you want to eat less than 1,200 calories daily, try skipping your morning bagel and eating a larger lunch instead. You can also increase the amount of exercise that you do in order to burn an even greater number of calories.

Losing weight isn’t just about looking fantastic; it’s also very healthy for your body as well! Diet is 80% of reaching your fitness goals!    

     In order to get rid of fat from around particular areas of your body (e.g.: stomach, arms, thighs, etc.) it is best to work out those muscles with cardio and weight training. Doing abdominal exercises will help you lose the fat on your stomach while doing squats can help tone up your legs (and butt).

Stretch first

If you’re new to exercising or starting a new workout routine, it’s important that you stretch first, before doing anything else. This helps prevent injury and increases flexibility and strength. However, don’t overdo it; static stretching (i.e.: holding a stretch for 30 seconds) is appropriate for warming up these muscles before working them. This can be done immediately prior to exercise or after warmups such as light jogging or calisthenics of 5-10 minutes in duration. However, dynamic stretching is when you use dynamic movements, or bodyweight exercises to increase blood flow to the target muscles. This should be done after light warm-up sets but before your work sets in your workout.

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