How to make my workout better?

Today in this article I have posted How to make my workout better? I always wanted to get in shape since my mid-teens, but it only came true recently. Until the summer of 2014, I used to be a fatass. Now, I’m not anymore! Obviously, this was huge for me and there’s no way I won’t make some big noise about it on the interwebs.

                Anyway, you’re here because you want to get fitter too. This is great news because if you’re looking for information then you are already halfway there towards your destination! You can check out my previous article on What exercise burns the most calories? if you haven’t yet though.

                Alright, let’s get into it: what would actually make my workout better?

First of all,

                Before even going to the gym it would be a smart move to do some preparation work. This is very important because you certainly don’t want to skip the most crucial steps as it will make your whole training session useless from the get-go. You wouldn’t go for a picnic without having packed any food now, would you?

First thing’s first: eat a good meal at least 2-3 hours before working out. It doesn’t matter whether this meal is high in carbs or proteins but just remember that both have their own benefits and downsides so I would say it might be useful if you tried something with a bit of both. Furthermore, if you happen to be one of those people who can’t eat a lot before training (I.e. they’re fainting when lifting) then maybe you should try having a small snack instead. It’s best to avoid eating anything in the 30 minutes before working out because that is your most important set of seconds in which you will have to give it all, but after that, it really is up to your body and what would be comfortable for you. Just remember: don’t starve yourself if you plan on going to the gym later on!

What to do After eating a good meal or having a light snack.

                After eating a good meal or having a light snack I would suggest going for a short walk around your block, preferably at least once. This might seem fairly pointless but the benefits of doing so are tremendous. This way you will warm up your muscles before hitting the iron and you will also be able to get a good sweat-up which is obviously great for your health (burns fat, detoxes, etc.)

Getting Back on the Track

                Getting back on track with the gym part of things, I would definitely recommend that you stretch out first. It’s not at all complicated but it has many benefits. Stretching reduces muscle fatigue by allowing better blood flow into the muscles after an intense workout. Furthermore, it can actually help prevent injuries as well as make some exercises easier for you.

Don’t Forget

Also, don’t forget about dynamic stretches too! These are basically some light exercises that prepare your body for what’s coming next. Doing so will increase the temperature in your muscles which makes your blood flow better so it’s basically like stretching but better at the same time. You can find various dynamic stretches out there if you search online, but if you’re doing any big compound exercises (e.g squats) then I’m sure you already perform enough of these when doing your usual sets.

Actual Workout

                Now onto the actual workout! If you are relatively new to this whole fitness thing then maybe you shouldn’t be trying to set any personal records (PRs). My advice is that before even attempting anything like that, I would suggest beginning with some lighter weight and performing more reps in order to get used to your equipment. If you don’t know what I mean by “getting used to your equipment” then let me make it clear by saying that whichever machine, bench, or dumbbells you are using, it would be beneficial if you knew exactly how much weight they could take.

You don’t want to be the guy who breaks the treadmill every time he/she steps on it, do you? Obviously not. It’ll get you some very strange looks from other members in your gym and trust me, no one likes a show-off! So start out nice and easy so that later on when your body gets used to these exercises you can move onto bigger weights. And just because I mentioned weights doesn’t mean that cardio won’t have its part in this too! Stick with me here…

After performing some warm-ups

                After performing some warm-ups (I know that probably sounds obvious) then I would definitely suggest doing a few sets of cardio. The treadmill is perfect for this because it doesn’t put too much pressure on your joints which means you can have a good workout without injuring yourself in the process. If you happen to be lucky enough to own a home gym with all machines at hand then by all means go crazy! If however, you prefer running outside despite the harsh weather conditions (I’m looking at you Londoners!) then make sure to do so for between 20-30 minutes and don’t forget, jog-jog-sprint! Jog for maybe 1 minute then sprint until your heart bursts, slow down again for another minute or two then repeat.


                Ok, now onto specific body parts! I would definitely suggest doing some compound lifts (e.g squats, deadlifts, bench press) because these exercises not only work out your whole body but also torch calories like nothing’s business. But obviously, there are other types of exercises you can do which focus on specific muscle groups (bicep curls, calf raises, etc…), and here you could even be a little more ambitious with the weight.

The workout doesn’t end when you leave the gym

                The true benefits come afterward when it’s time for recovery. When you’re resting post-workout your muscles build themselves back up bigger and stronger than before, that is if you let them! There are various easy things to do in order to ensure your body recovers properly…


                Sleeping is by far the most important part of this whole recovery process. If you neglect sleeping then not only will you feel tired and sluggish during training, but also all day? New research has shown that it’s actually possible to build muscle when you’re not even awake! Make sure to go at least 7 hours sleep every night (I like to get 8!) and perhaps more if you can fit it in (I know I definitely can!).


                There are many people out there who may disagree with me; however, I believe nutrition plays one of the biggest roles in anyone’s fitness journey. If you want to be big and strong then eating like a monster is necessary: a calorie surplus is a must in order to build muscle. For example, if you want to gain 2lbs of muscle (which I believe would be reasonable for someone who isn’t really experienced yet) then you need to eat about 300 more calories than what your body needs per day! What many people don’t realize is that this doesn’t mean gorging on the nearest thing; it simply means having 3 healthy meals and 1 snack. It’s important to note that not all calories are created equal… Protein sources like chicken, eggs, and tuna are very “costly” when it comes to the energy output needed. You’ll find yourself burning through way more calories by eating them compared to something like potatoes; however, did you know that they provide just as much protein?


                Don’t get me wrong, supplements are awesome for helping your body recover. If you can’t afford them then that’s fine but you would be foolish to ignore their importance! A good whey protein shake is perfect after a workout because it provides amino acids straight to your muscles! Creatine is another wonderful supplement that helps with building muscle because it increases ATP production. Whichever supplements you decide to use just make sure they’re all-natural and not full of additives or sugars or else they won’t do any good!

The Golden Rule

                The golden rule of training if you truly want to make some progress is this… Train hard, rest well, eat more. It may sound simple enough but more often than not people neglect one (or all) of these things and wonder why they’re not seeing any results! Follow this advice and you’ll be making gains like a monster in no time.

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