Countdown Top 20 sports facts

Hii Guys I thought I have given very much book knowledge so I thought Today I should upload anything interesting. So Today I have posted Countdown of Top 20 sports facts that you get shocked when you hear. I hope you guys love it.

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Sports Fact : 20

  The Boston Celtics were the first team in NBA history to win an NBA Championship with a three-point line.

Sports Fact : 19

     On December 2, 1973, Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points against the Los Angeles Lakers in four quarters (the third and fourth quarters were not played).

Sports Fact : 18

    In 1911, Jim Thorpe was disqualified from a National AAU meet for using professionals in his team; he had never been paid to play any sport. [Thorpe won gold medals at the Olympic games of 1912.]

Sports Fact : 17

Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs during the 1920 season. His record of 29 home runs at Yankee Stadium still stands today.

            He also broke his own RBI record with 170 that year.

Sports Fact : 16

     During his career (1876–1891), Old Hoss Radbourn won 309 games and had an ERA of 2.59.

            He was one win short of winning the pitching Triple Crown in 1883, 1884, and 1885; he led the league each year in wins, ERA, strikeouts (and complete games twice).

Sports Fact : 15

     Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton scored a perfect 10 on vault at the 1984 Summer Olympics. She is the only female to have ever done so.

Sports Fact : 14

     In order to receive her gold medal for swimming in the 400-meter freestyle race during the 2000 Summer Games, Yana Klochkova had to give it back in protest for a drug scandal in her home country. [She had tested positive for the steroid stanozolol.]

Sports Fact : 13

     In 1995, Tonya Harding won the US National Championship by default because Nancy Kerrigan couldn’t compete due to an attack before the competition where she was clubbed on her right knee with a baton. [Tonya was banned from competing and Nancy ended up winning gold at the Olympics.]

Sports Fact : 12

     Baseball player Ty Cobb is said to have accumulated more than $300,000 in fines for various infractions during his career—more than any other player in baseball history.

Sports Fact : 11

     During one season of professional American football (1987), William “The Refrigerator” Perry scored three touchdowns.

Sports Fact : 10

     In 1996, Michael Johnson ran the 400-meter race in 43.18 seconds and became the first man to win gold medals in both the 200 meter and 400-meter races since 1968. [He also broke both world records.]

Sports Fact : 9

     Mia Hamm made 276 appearances with the US women’s national soccer team, scoring 158 goals—the most goals scored by any male or female player in U.S. history. [She also helped her team win two FIFA Women’s World Cups (in 1991 and 1999), an Olympic gold medal (in 1996), and a silver medal at the 2000 Olympics.]

Sports Fact : 8

     National Football League coach George Allen had his entire offensive line shaved during training camp one year so his players would be faster on their feet. [Allen’s team, the Washington Redskins, won two Super Bowls.]

Sports Fact : 7

     In 1989, Greg Louganis hit his head on the springboard during a preliminary dive in the 3-meter springboard event of the Seoul Olympics and still managed to win gold that year.

            He had also suffered from a concussion after an earlier accident while performing an inward two-and-a-half pike off another platform.

Sports Fact : 6

     It took 38 years for baseball player Ted Williams to get elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame because he played games with a .400 batting average without playing 162 games in a season. [He finally got voted in 1986.]

Sports Fact : 5

Boxer Rocky Marciano retired undefeated.

Sports Fact : 4

             At the 2000 Summer Olympics, Sarah Hughes became the first American figure skater to win gold at an Olympic Games held outside of the United States.

            She was also the first female North American skater to do so since Tenley Albright, and she was the youngest champion in an individual event at those Olympics (at age 16).

Sports Fact : 3

     In 1931 Babe Ruth made a famous called shot at-bat when he pointed his bat toward center field before hitting the next pitch out of the park for a home run during his final season with the New York Yankees.

Sports Fact : 2

    When Pelé scored his 1,000th goal in 1969, it took him over 100 games to reach the milestone. That’s about three league seasons in Brazil, where he played for the professional team Santos Futebol Clube.

Sports Fact : 1

John McEnroe won all four Grand Slam singles titles, was ranked number one in the world for 170 of 191 weeks during his career, and set the record for most U.S. Open titles (7). [He also never won an Australian Open.]

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