13 ways to create a social media community for your fitness program

Do you want a social media presence for your fitness program? Are you looking for a way to better connect with members and prospective members, clients, or patients? Have you been looking online for ideas or suggestions for developing a more robust social media program to increase awareness of your fitness opportunity?

If so, this article is for you. Give yourself time to explore all 13 ways suggested here. Don’t just read the list if it doesn’t work, give them an honest try. Your business is worth it!

And why would that be? Because over 90% of consumers have shown they will buy from companies that have a solid social media strategy in place (Vanessa Baird, 2012). And yet only a paltry 8 percent of small businesses in the US have any social media activity at all (SmallBizTrends, 2012). Now is the time to change that.

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Now let’s get on with the list!

1 . Create your company’s Facebook page

Oftentimes people forget that they need a parent company or business page with lots of information about the business itself before starting another more targeted fan page. Set up the fan page first, but make sure it has links back to the parent/centralized company page where readers can find out more about your business model and offerings – this will be important later.

2 . Post pictures on Instagram  

It saddens me when I see fitness businesses that are not yet using this platform for marketing images. It’s one of the best free ways to showcase your facility and you can do it even if you don’t take photos (yet).

3 . Post images on Pinterest

What’s not to like about Pinterest? The site is great for fitness marketers. It’s visual which makes it simply an ideal place to showcase fitness-related products, experiences, and ideas.

4 . Use YouTube for videos  

Videos are a powerful way to tell your story and market your business and video hosting sites such as Vimeo or YouTube are absolutely perfect for this purpose. Videos allow you to engage with prospective clients, share client success stories, showcase special offers, offer product reviews – there really isn’t anything that clip format doesn’t allow!

5 . Get on Instagram

 This is one place – may be the main place – where your target audience hangs out. Offer them something of interest and watch how they will come to you.

6 . Market on Reddit

 It isn’t just for funny cat memes anymore! There are some fitness marketers who have found great success by being active on this site, which is the fourth most visited in the US according to Alexa’s web traffic data.

7 . Build a LinkedIn company page  

A lot of companies forget about adding their business page to this popular platform but it can be very useful in terms of reaching out to other professionals in your industry or even from nearby businesses that might use your services when they have completed their training or workouts.

8 . Keep a public Google + page  

Google is a search engine powerhouse and Google plus is the social media platform they have chosen to showcase themselves. I use it as my main social media account and I can tell you from personal experience that it’s really very good for business.

9 . Use Twitter sparingly

I know there are a lot of articles out there telling you how great Twitter is but in terms of looking after your fitness business, the jury is still out on this one for me. What I can tell you though is that if you do decide to start using Twitter then make sure that every Tweet includes a link back to your blog – otherwise you will have wasted all those hours trying to grow your follower base!

10 . Post regularly on Quora  

The good thing about this platform is that it has a lot of really intelligent people hanging out there. You can use your expertise in fitness (and especially how your business provides solutions to people who would like to be fit and healthy) to market yourself, even if you only do this sparingly.

11 . Create an infographic

 Infographics are useful for getting the word out about your services or products, which is their purpose after all – but don’t expect them to bring any significant results for your business unless they come with quality content behind them!

12 . Track your marketing stats via Google Analytics  

You need data to see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing because revenue growth is ultimately the goal of your marketing efforts. Make sure that your fitness business has an account on Google Analytics – it’s easy to set up and very useful for seeing how prospective leads find you, follow you through their buying journey, and ultimately whether they end up converting into clients or not.

13 . Reach out to influential bloggers

 You might not have heard of the term ‘influencer’ before but we all know somebody who is well connected in our industry and has a big following on one (or more) social media platform(s). Who better to talk about your business than somebody like that?

All of these ideas will help you create a successful social community around your fitness program [i.e., drive traffic back to the business website]. If you want to talk about fitness business marketing ideas for your program then please feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom of this page.

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