11 Benefits of Cycling that you should know

Why should you cycle?

Cycling is a great way to keep fit and healthy, but there are plenty of other reasons to give it a go. From environmental benefits to lifestyle changes, we round up 11 reasons why cycling should be your new favorite hobby. So I have written 11 Benefits of Cycling that you should know.

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 1) You could become a part-owner of the London Cycle Hire scheme

You may have used the popular hire-a-bike system around London – dubbed ‘Boris bikes’ after mayor Boris Johnson introduced them – but have you ever considered becoming one of the owners? As a part-owner, you will not only get exclusive discounts at retailers including Waitrose and John Lewis but also two free rides every day for yourself plus partner or dependents. There’s just one catch though: you’ll need to stump up £1,000.

2) The benefits of cycling are thought to be worth £87 billion

If you weren’t aware already, the health benefits of cycling are extremely good for you. Spending an hour on your bike three times a week can lower your risk of heart disease by 50 percent and cancer by 45 percent while living near green spaces is also believed to reduce stress levels. With these kinds of figures, it’s no wonder that the Department for Transport recently calculated that the combined health benefits of cycling come out at £87 billion.

 3) You could save money spent on public transport

While commuting by bike might not always be an option depending on where you live or work, if it were it could help you save a fortune. According to one estimate, the average Londoner spends £2,500 on public transport each year, compared to just £900 if they cycled. If you were planning on giving up your car to reduce motoring costs, switching to cycling is a good way of maintaining your travel needs for a much smaller price tag too.

4) Cycling can be a great family activity

Bikes are great fun and perfect for social activities as well as being an excellent way of getting fit. It’s much easier to take children outside with you when you’re on a bike rather than traveling by car. The former will also allow them to develop their creativity as they explore their environment while still being active at the same time.

5) Cycling is great exercise

As well as being a great means of transport for shorter distances, cycling is also excellent exercise without the impact on your joints than other high-impact sports can have. You can cycle pretty much anywhere so you won’t need to worry about having special equipment either.

 6) Cycling will reduce your carbon footprint

Using another motor vehicle for short journeys results in 20 times more carbon dioxide being produced per person than using a bike does. Not only that but by switching to cycling or walking instead of driving, it’s estimated that you could cut your annual CO2 emissions by 1 tonne.

 7) Even if you are unlucky with the weather, cycling is still possible

The weather doesn’t always shine on our cycling plans and we all know winter can be a tough time for those who like to ride their bikes. However, it’s possible to cycle and stay dry too with the right clothing and accessories. Not only that but you could also look at using an e-bike so you don’t have to rely on the weather as much as you would if you were on a traditional bicycle.

 8) You’ll feel happier

Cycling is great for mental wellbeing by increasing serotonin levels in your brain which makes us more positive and also lowers cortisol levels which are linked with stress. There’s even evidence showing that cyclists suffer from less anxiety than those who are inactive!

9) You avoid traffic jams

Whether or if you live in an area where the weather is often bad, you might think that it’s too dangerous or unpleasant to cycle. However, even if it’s raining when you leave the house in the morning there will still be a dry and warm bike waiting for you when you get home – one of many reasons why cycling is an excellent option in the wetter months.

10) Cycling makes you feel younger

Although it might not be the most strenuous form of exercise, cycling does give your body a good workout. Not only will this help you to build up strength and fitness but it could also leave you feeling younger than before by reducing stress levels and increasing blood flow.

11) Cycling is good for your mental health

Not only is cycling great for physical wellbeing but there are plenty of reasons why it can help keep your mind in tip-top condition too. As well as helping reduce stress levels, studies have shown that cyclists suffer from less anxiety than others who don’t use their bikes quite so often.


Although this is by no means an exhaustive list, hopefully, the following 11 reasons will illustrate to you just how many benefits cycling can have. Whether or not it’s for your morning commute, making running errands around town easier, or simply for fun – everyone has something to gain from taking upcycling.

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